Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have an advisor?

All students are assigned a faculty advisor prior to the beginning of their first academic year. Once a student has declared a major, he/she should have the same faculty advisor for the duration of his/her academic career. You can look up your advisors name and contact information on Novasis.

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How do I find the name of my Advisor?

Log on to Novasis, on the left hand side of the web page menu you will be able to click on a feature called “My Advisor”.

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How do I register for classes each semester?

The Office of the Registrar creates a fall semester class schedule for each incoming freshman. This schedule may be accessed through Novasis in mid-August. Pre-registration for the spring semester takes place in October. All freshmen are required to meet with their faculty advisor to review the curriculum requirements and to receive their registration PIN. Using this PIN, students register on-line through Novasis. New registration PINs are assigned each semester.

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What if I need to register for a course and the section is closed?

Students are not permitted to enroll in closed sections. In extenuating circumstances, an exception can be made by the chair of the academic department offering the course. Faculty members teaching a course cannot make exceptions. 

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Can I change my schedule?

Incoming freshman schedules can only be changed based on a curriculum need. This must be determined through conversation with their advisor. Please contact your athletic academic advisor if you are a freshman and need to make changes to your schedule.

For all other semesters, during the first five days of each semester, students may drop and add classes through Novasis. This is referred to as the drop/add period. If a course is dropped before the end of the drop/add period (by 5:00 pm on day five of the semester) the course will not be part of a student’s permanent record, i.e. the course will not show up on a student’s transcript.

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How do I add/drop a course?

You are able to add/drop a course through Novasis. Simply log onto Novasis’s registration feature. Do not add/drop a course without discussing it with your athletic academic advisor. If you drop below 12 credits you will be ineligible to compete or practice.

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Can I withdraw from a class after the drop/add period?

Students may withdraw from a class after the drop/add period.

  • The last day for Authorized Withdrawal without Academic Penalty (WX grade) is usually two days after the close of pre-registration for the forthcoming semester.
  • The course with a grade of “WX” will appear on a student’s permanent record; however this grade is not calculated into the student’s grade point average (GPA).
  • If a student withdraws from a course after the authorized deadline, it is considered an authorized withdrawal with academic penalty. A grade of “W” will be designated on a student’s permanent record. A grade of “W” is the equivalent to an “F” grade and is included in computing a student’s grade point average (GPA).
  • Withdrawal forms, (available in the Dean's Office, Room 105 St. Augustine Center or in the Office of Academic Support for Athletics) require the signature of your Advisor and a Dean.
  • Do not WX a course without discussing it with your athletic academic advisor.

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Can I major in more than one discipline?

Yes. Students have the opportunity to double major. Students may apply for a double major during the initial major selection process (or after). Such students should contact an Associate Dean in Room 103, St. Augustine Center to discuss this possibility. The department chair of the second major will review the student's academic record and accept or deny request.

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When and how do I declare/change my major?

Some students enter Villanova with a declared major, such as Astronomy or Physics. However, most students begin their academic career as undeclared students. These students need not declare/change their major until the end of the sophomore year.

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Am I required to take a foreign language?

Yes, you are required to take a foreign language if you are in Liberal Arts and Sciences. Specific information regarding this requirement is listed in the Student Handbook, the Enchiridion. If a student has completed two years of a language in high school, credit for introductory courses in that language taken at Villanova will not satisfy degree requirements.

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Can I study abroad?

Yes. The University encourages all students to participate in an overseas experience during the summer, fall, or spring semester. The Office of Education Abroad provides assistance to students desiring to study in a foreign country.

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What if I took a college course in high school? Can I get credit for the course?

To earn Villanova University credit for a college course taken while a high school student, the following items must be submitted to the Dean’s Office:

  • An official letter from the high school principal or guidance counselor stating that the credits are not counted towards high school graduation requirements.
  • An official letter from the college or university stating that the courses were taught on its campus by a member of the regular faculty, open to enrollment by and graded in competition with regularly matriculated undergraduate students at the college and a regular part of the normal curriculum published in the college catalog.
  • An official, seal-bearing transcript from the college or university.

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I took AP courses in high school. Can I get credit for these courses?

Students may receive credit for AP courses completed in high school as long as the necessary grades have been achieved in the College Board Advanced Placement Tests. No limit is placed on the number of advanced placement credits awarded.

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While a student at Villanova, can I take courses at another institution during the summer?

Students may take summer courses at another four year accredited institution if they have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA). Permission is required before enrolling. Forms are available in the Dean’s Office, Room 103 St. Augustine Center. Grades of "C' or better (not "C-") are required to receive transfer credit. Only credits, NOT grades are transferable.

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As a transfer student, how many credits can I transfer into Villanova University?

A transfer student may transfer up to 60 credits, which include AP credits, study abroad and summer courses taken elsewhere. The last 30 credits, senior year, 50 percent of all courses required for the degree and at least 50 percent of major courses must be earned at Villanova University. Grades of “C” or better (not a “C-“) are required to be considered for transfer credit.

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What’s the minimum Grade Point Average I need to graduate?

Students need an overall cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 to graduate. Students in the sciences must also have a technical grade point average (TGPA) of at least 2.0. Academic records of all students falling below a 2.0 GPA in any semester will be reviewed by the College’s Academic Standing Committee for appropriate action, which may include being placed on academic probation or dismissal from the university.

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How many credits can I take each semester?

To be considered a full-time student, students are required to take a minimum of 12 credits. However, a normal load for a student is between 15 and 18 credits. A course overload is possible and should be discussed with your faculty advisor.

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