Post-Graduation Outcomes

Each year the Career Center conducts a survey of the graduating class to learn more about the career choices made by Villanova graduates. The survey period lasts up to six months after the graduation date for the class. This survey assists the Career Center in assessing the initial salary levels offered in various fields and in various cities. Information collected is helpful to the Career Center staff in counseling and advising students and alumni, and the results of the survey provide valuable insight for faculty members, students and parents about the wide range of opportunities currently available to Villanova students.

About This Information

Data for the graduating class was obtained through a survey of students who received Bachelor’s degrees. Each student was contacted at least three times during the survey period and information is also obtained from employment reports, university records and public record (LinkedIn). The average knowledge rate is 80%. Students with more than one major are counted only in their primary major.

Salary Range by Major

Salary information displayed includes maximum, average and minimum salaries. This information is used by students and employers negotiating salary.

Outcomes Data Search

Outcomes information by major can be viewed via specific searches and downloadable PDFs to explore specific destinations of graduates each year.

Summary of Action Report from Law School Data Administration Services

The Law School Admission Council publishes an Action Report for Villanova University listing: the number of seniors that took the LSAT; the average score; how many applicants and applications; number of seniors receiving acceptances to one or more law schools and how many seniors are registered at a law school.

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