Featured Faculty Welcome: Anne Quinn Welsh Faculty Fellows 2017-2019

John Doody

Since 2013, the Honors Program has had the privilege of awarding Faculty Fellowships to two tenured Villanova professors. This is thanks to the generosity of Anne Welsh McNulty’s Anne Quinn Welsh Honors Faculty Fellows Program. Faculty Fellows are an integral feature of the life of the Honors Department because they increase the presence of faculty within the department and provide students with guidance. Fellows have offices in Garey Hall, the seat of the department and location of most Honors classes, and teach at least one Honors course each semester. They also mentor and advise Honors students, a facet of the Department that makes a great difference to students. In addition to these more formal duties, Fellows provide leadership, help run extracurricular activities within the department, and guide students interested in independent studies and graduate school applications.

            The Honors Department is excited to welcome Drs. Samantha Chapman and Rick Eckstein as the new Anne Quinn Welsh Honors Faculty Fellows. They will hold the fellowship for the next two academic years, but will also retain their places in their home departments.

            Dr. Samantha Chapman is an associate professor in the Department of Biology. Her focus is environmental in nature: she studies climate change, encroaching development, and accelerating degradation of natural habitats as they pose a threat to existing plant and animal species. Her work involves pinpointing issues and suggesting solutions biodiversity loss.

            Dr. Rick Eckstein is a Professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminology. His areas of study are youth and intercollegiate sports and society, social inequality and poverty, and labor and unions. He is an expert on sport stadium public policy and how the construction of publicly-funded stadiums affects surrounding communities.

            We look forward to having Dr. Chapman and Dr. Eckstein in Garey and seeing what they will continue to bring to the Honors Department!


Written by Newsletter Co-Editor, Laura Spence '18 CLAS. Laura is receiving a degree in Humanities & Classics. 

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