Honors Emerging Leadership Program

This interdisciplinary program for freshmen fosters leadership qualities in students across numerous disciplines. This reflective experience will provide students with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of leadership both at Villanova and in the community.

The challenge in this program is to understand how the leadership principles we explore might apply to your own life and experience. We want to challenge you to think more critically about the choices you make, and to become more intentional in living, and leading, according to your fundamental values. Our values paradigm is based on the Gospel message that humans are called to love one another. How this call to love one another is articulated at Villanova University is captured, in part, in the University’s Mission Statement:

The University community welcomes and respects members of all faiths who seek to nurture a concern for the common good and who share an enthusiasm for the challenge of responsible and productive citizenship in order to build a just and peaceful world. … The University insists that mutual love and respect should animate every aspect of university life.

Leadership themes explored in this program include: Multiculural Leadership, Servant Leadership, and Personal Strengths. The program spans the two semesters of freshman year, and students are registered for it as a one-credit workshop each semester. The program's exercises include journaling, group and individual reflection, and team building exercises. Excursions, such as a challenge course, are intentionally designed to build a culture of solidarity and community among Honors students.

This program is available only to Honors freshmen living in Caughlin Hall. Students can participate in this program on its own or in conjunction with an Honors Learning Cohort.

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