Research Related Agreements

ORA is responsible for reviewing, negotiating, and executing both funded research agreements (sponsored research contracts, sub-awards) and unfunded research agreements (non-disclosure agreements, data use agreements,  Institutional Review Board (IRB) reliance agreements, collaboration agreements, material transfer agreements and more).


Negotiations of terms and conditions of any research agreement should always involve ORA. ORA will consult with the principal investigator, and, as necessary, other administrative offices such as the Office of General Counsel, Risk Management, and Procurement. The negotiation process can range from a few days to several months.

The Director of ORA is the authorized signatory on behalf of the University for all research agreements. 

Overview of Research Related Agreements


Type of Agreement  Description Template Agreement

Sponsored Research Agreement

A Sponsored Research Agreement is a contract between Villanova and a sponsor for the purposes of funding and conducting research. The sponsor may be a for-profit (e.g., private industry) or non-profit (e.g., state or federal government, foundations, etc.)


Sub-award Agreement

Villanova issues a sub-award agreement when another institution is performing part of a project awarded to Villanova. Villanova could also be the recipient of a sub-award agreement from another institution. Pending


Agreements involving collaborations between Villanova and another organization, without external funding or support. 

Type of Agreement


Information Sheet & Templates

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

When Villanova and a sponsor (or other party) will be exchanging information that either party considers proprietary or confidential, a non-disclosure agreement should be put in place before the disclosure of any confidential information. Pending

Reliance Agreement (also known as an IRB Authorization Agreement or IAA)

When Villanova and another institution are engaged in research involving human subjects, each institution’s IRB is responsible for oversight of the study. A reliance agreement allows one institution’s IRB to become the IRB of Record, avoiding duplicate review.


Data Use Agreement

A Data Use Agreement is used for the transfer of data that is proprietary, nonpublic or otherwise subject to some restrictions on its use.  The data may or may not be human subject data.


Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

An MTA documents the permissible uses of tangible research materials transferred into or out of Villanova.



Other agreement forms may be appropriate for other collaborative situations.  Please discuss with ORA to determine what agreements are necessary for your study.

Other unfunded agreement types include:

-Independent Investigator Agreement;

-Visiting Scientist Agreement;

-Collaboration Agreements that do not involve transfer of funds;


How do I get started?

-Funded Agreements

  • Any agreement involving outside funding should be entered into Cayuse SP. The Cayuse record will be routed to ORA for review, including review of agreement terms and conditions.


-Unfunded Agreements

  • Complete the applicable Information Sheet (link) for the type of unfunded agreement you wish to pursue. Send the completed sheet to for ORA review.

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