Frequently Asked Questions

What is ORA's role at Villanova University?

The Office of Research Asministration (ORA) at Villanova provides service to faculty and students while protecting the institution in sponsored programs, technology transfer, and research compliance.

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How do I hire a student onto my grant? What is the basic hiring paperwork/process?

Graduate Students use the Stipend Form and work with the Onboarding Specialist in your college.

Undergraduate Students contact Human Resources.

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How do I charge faculty salary to a grant?

Please fill out an effort report.

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How do I pay an undergraduate student?

Please fill out the student time sheet after the student has been hired through Human Resources.

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When are student timesheets due?

Please see schedule on VU Payroll Website.

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How do I engage an outside consultant paid from a grant?

Outside consultants must be engaged in a contract through ORA. The contract is found on the  Villanova Procurment Website/Forms and will be reviewed and executed by ORA. Once the agreement is final the consultant must also become a vendor through Villanova Procurment.  

ORA will requisition a purchase order and payments should be processed through NovaPay.

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Can I still have a student work for me after graduation?

Yes. However, graduation fundamentally the student's standing in our systems. To continue working after graduation, the individual must be hired as an employee outlined in the following two links.



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How many hours can a graduate assistant work on a grant?

Graduate Assistants are paid a standard rate (see ORA fact sheet) for 20 hours of work per week during a semester. 

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Can I pay a student’s tuition from my grant?

Yes, if the award budget includes tuition for students and a student has been hired and is working on the project.

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Proposals and Awards

What is our Federal Tax ID (TIN)/Duns Number/Cage Code/IRB no.?

See ORA fact sheet.

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Where can I get an NSF Fastlane ID?

Contact to be assigned an NSF ID and password.

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How do I submit a application?

Login to Cayuse 424. See Quickstart or contact your ORA Representative

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How can I obtain an RUI eligibility statement?

Contact your ORA Representative to get a signed RUI statement.

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Can I check the balance of my grant myself?

Yes! Novasis makes it easy to see your grant’s balance. Please view our directions for details on how to keep track of your budget. If you are looking for information not provided by Novasis, such as more itemized or detailed information about specific entires, your assigned ORA Representative will assist you.

Please view this video if you want to check your '4' account, The Research Support or indirect cost flowdown account.

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What is the best way to purchase supplies?

The best way to purchase supplies is to requisition through NovaBuy or use the procurement card.  Please see Villanova’s Procurement website for a detailed matrix on how to make specific purchases.  Note that an item’s appearance on the procurement matrix does not ensure that it is an allowable grant expense.  

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What is the best way to get reimbursed for travel expenses?

Please use Concur to submit travel receipts for payment See Procurement Website for guidance.

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What's the difference between ORA and University Advancement?

You can find our discussion of sponsored projects versus gifts attached below.

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* Gift vs Grant
Gift vs Grant