Internal Transmittal of Proposals and Signature Process

  1. ORA is the only office on campus authorized to commit Villanova in application for sponsored funding. The authorized signing official is Susan K. Stearsman, Director of Research Administration.
  2. Prior to submitting a proposal, all researchers must complete CITI Program Courses and Disclosure of Significant Financial Interests.
  3. Complete all proposal components required by the sponsor (i.e. CAYUSE 424, if applicable) or prime institution (i.e. SOW, Budget Justification,LOI).
  4. Complete Cayuse SP record and attach all finalized proposal components .
  5. Route completed CAYUSE SP record for review and authorization by the Department, Center and College designee.
  6. Routed SP record must be received in ORA no later than 3 business days before sponsor deadline. PI and and supporting individuals must be available to work with ORA as the deadline approaches. ORA will make every effort to process proposals received after this deadline. However, please be advised that ORA may not be able to provide sufficient review.

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Cost Sharing, Overhead Modification, and Commitment Policy on Grant and Contract Proposals

For any commitment including space, released time, cash cost sharing (for any expenditure including travel, personnel, equipment, supplies, or any other expenditure for which cash must be expended), in-kind cost sharing (including space, computer costs, personnel, or any other resource which will affect an administrative unit in any way), or waiver of any part of indirect cost which includes fringe benefits and overhead, approval must be obtained from the person who has administrative control over the resource being committed. For commitments of cash cost sharing, an account number must appear in CAYUSE to identify the source for the cost share. 

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Research Involving Human Subjects

All human subjects protocol applications must be submitted via CAYUSE  for review and approval by the Internal Review Board for Human Subjects (IRB).

IRB approval must be obtained prior to commencing research involving human subjects.

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Research Involving Animals

All animal protocol applications must be submitted to ORA which will arrange for its examination by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

IACUC review and approval is required when animals are used in any research studies and instructional programs.

IACUC approval must be obtained prior to commencing research involving animals.

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