2010 Past Summer Research Fellowship and Research Support Grants Recipients

The Office of Research and Graduate Programs is pleased to celebrate these Summer Research Fellowships and Research Support Grants recipients:

Summer Research Fellowship and Research Support Grant Recipients

  • Dr. Rebecca J. Brand, Psychology; "Exploring the benefits of child-directed action, or 'motionese'"
  • Dr. David W. Dinehart, Civil and Environmental; "Safety Investigation of Structures and Research with Grouped Anchor Supports"
  • Dr. Charles L. Folk, Psychology; "Mental States and Attentional Performances"
  • Dr. Giorgi Japaridze, Computing Sciences; "Taming Recurrences in Computability Logic"
  • Dr. Jens O.M. Karlsson and Dr. Angela DiBenedetto, Mechanical Engineering and Biology; "Non-Equilibrium Ice Formation in Cryopreserved Zebrafish Germplasm"
  • Dr. Ginamarie Ligon, Psychology; "Characteristics of Violent and Non-Violent Ideological Organizations: Relationships to Innovation, Performances, and Destructiveness Criteria"
  • Dr. Jean M. Lutes, English; "Crying Out Loud: Emotion, Mass Culture, and Women’s Narratives in Early Twentieth-Century America"
  • Dr. Sergey G. Nersesov, Mechanical Engineering; "Decentralized Control for Energy Efficient Complex HVAC Systems"
  • Dr. Paul Rosier, History; "'What the world will need to survive': American Indian Environmentalism in a Global Age"
  • Dr. Peter Spitaler, Theology; "Pauline Spirituality in Context: Judaean, Roman, Mediterranean"
  • Dr. James W. Wilson, Biology; "The conserved bacterial transcriptional regulator YdcI"
  • Dr. Qianhong Wu, Mechanical Engineering; "On the Application of Lessons Learned from Microcirculation to Super Lubrication

Summer Research Fellowships

  • Dr. Shelly Howton, Finance; "The Impact of Option Introduction on Real Estate Investment Trusts"
  • Dr. Jeremy Kees, Marketing; "Visual Tobacco Warnings: Assessing Alternatives for Use on U.S. Cigarette Packages"
  • Dr. Dalia Nassar, Philosophy; "Transforming Nature Into Culture: Herder, Kant, Geothe, Schelling"
  • Dr. Annika Thiem, Philosophy; "Messianic Dreams and Secular Nightmares"
  • Dr. Ani Ural, Mechanical Engineering; "Finite Element Modeling of Bone Microstructure"
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