Fall-Winter 2002 - Vol. 111, No. 3-4

Fall-Winter 2002 - Vol. 111, No. 3-4

About this Issue

The phrase "Renaissance man" is not much heard these days.  Nor for that matter is "Renaissance woman."  Our modern world is so characterized by narrowly defined competencies that it is truly rare to find someone who is genuinely accomplished across a range of talents.  I have no hesitancy however, in applying the phrase to author Charles Morris, whose works appears in this issue.  Please note his biographical sketch, but especially please read his really valuable article "God's Bricklayer," dealing with Dennis Cardinal Dougherty (1865-1951) who led the Archdiocese of Philadelphia from 1918 until his death in 1951.  A distinguished panel of four respondents comment on the article and then Charles Morris responds.  It is a special treat.

Professor James T. Carroll of Iona College helps us share the experiences of a group of religious who survived the Japanese occupation of the Philippine Islands (1941-1945), both their house arrest and their internment some twenty miles south of Manila. We also learn of the importance and urgency of oral history projects.

Historians have already noted the clergy sex abuse scandal as an event is major significance. Commonweal editor Margaret O'Brien Steinfels helps us review and assess its dramatic emergence in 2002.

Finally, John J. Mawhinney, a Jesuit for more than fifty years, presents an important review article that discusses Passionate Uncertainty: Inside the American Jesuits and several of the perhaps also passionate reviews of the book.

Our cover features the late Monsignor George Higgins (1916-2002). In "Solidarity Forever," co-editor Margaret McGuinness notes the widely admired life of this dedicated priest, and the history of American Catholicism and the labor movement.

We are proud of this issues, and we are also pleased to announce that American Catholic Studies truly will be appearing quarterly in 2003 and after. We are grateful to all who have made this possible. We invite you to celebrate with us by giving a gift of subscription, to yourself or another. A postage free return card to make this easy is bound into this issue. Thank you for your support. Pleased help American Catholic Studies continue to grow.

Rodger Van Allen, Co-editor

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