Allergy and Special Dietary Needs Request

Here at Villanova University Dining Services we do our best to meet the needs of students with specific nutrition concerns or medically-restricted diets. If you have a specific dietary need (i.e. lactose intolerant, diabetic, food allergies) we will make every effort to provide special foods for you. For more information, please contact registered dietician Jim Kolumban at 610-519-7549

In each dining hall there are a variety of soy products as well as lactose free milk available daily. Other special dietary items can be special ordered and kept on hand such as gluten-free cereals, muffins, waffles, bread, and wraps.

Please fill out the form below if you would like to be contacted regarding your food allergies or special dietary needs.

Special Needs

Look for our special dietary needs fridge in all dining locations!