Leadership and Cultural Development

The Office of Student Involvement produces opportunities that provides a holistic approach to student formation through specific programming. Through Leadership and Cultural Development Opportunities, we give students a chance to explore the dynamics of what leadership is as well as develop their own sense of leadership style.

Emerging Leaders
The Office of Student Involvement and colleagues from across campus are thrilled to offer an Emerging Leaders Institute for aspiring student leaders within the Villanova Community. The Emerging Leaders Institute is a two-day on-campus program, offered each semester, designed to develop and enhance leadership styles and skills of our undergraduate students. We cover topics such as:

  • Personality Types
  • Leadership Dynamics
  • Public Speaking
  • Building Self-Confidence

Students will work closely with other emerging leaders through in-depth simulations. By identifying their unique strengths and articulating their personal/professional vision, students will be able to identify several leadership paths at Villanova. Participants who attend both sessions will receive a signed certificate of completion and an ELI T-Shirt. Dinner is provided.

For more information, please email Steve Koch at stephen.koch@villanova.edu   

Villanova Challenge Course

The Villanova Challenge Course and Low Ropes Course is challenging, demanding and fun! Groups must work together to accomplish physically and mentally challenging tasks.  After each activity, facilitators process and breakdowns the elements that contributed to the success of the group.  Discussion will also reveal obstacles that caused frustration and problems along the way.

Through taking risks, participants gain new personal and interpersonal skills and insights - the basis for growth and change. Activities are safe, stimulating, and occur in an atmosphere of support and caring. Results can be rapid and profound.

Association for Change and Transformation (ACT)
The Villanova University Association for Change and Transformation (ACT) formerly known as Diversity Peer Educators (DPE’s) strive to educate the greater Villanova community on the dynamics surrounding social identity, power, privilege, and oppression as well as the "isms": racism, “ableism”, classism, sexism, and heterosexism. In order to achieve a greater sense of equality, friendship, and openness for each Villanovan. ACT works to eradicate all forms of prejudices and stereotypes on campus and to instill multicultural maturity and acceptance through education through interactive workshops and dialogue style delivery. ACT enhances student's lives by making the Villanova community aware of the uniqueness of those around them, by refining students, and by setting positive examples for the community, while promoting a society of acceptance and equality on Villanova's campus.

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Villanova Challenge Course

"Challenges are opportunities to discover your strengths."  Two-hour Challenge Course sessions occur between Mondays and Fridays and are free to all student groups!  Contact Stephen Koch.

The Challenge Course is also available to non-Villanova groups.  Contact Stephen Koch. for details.