Villanova Leadership Academy

The goal of the academy is for current and future student leaders to understand and apply many of the theories and practices of leadership. This unique program will help prepare you to take on leadership positions both at Villanova and beyond through interactive lectures on leadership for any leaders at Villanova seeking to learn dynamics of leadership. Each Session is designed for the student to explore the leadership experience and perspective of a staff or faculty member within the Villanova community. After completing 7 or more workshops, students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

Leadership Academy workshops will take place on Fridays from 1:30–2:30 pm in Dougherty Hall, East Lounge unless noted below. 

Registration is now open.

FALL 2016 Leadership Academy Workshops

  • Introduction to Leadership
    Friday, September 9
    East Lounge, Dougherty Hall

  • Crafting a Personal & Professional Vision (Consciousness of Self)
    Friday, September 16
    East Lounge, Dougherty Hall

  • Leadership in Service
    Friday, September 23
    East Lounge, Dougherty Hall

  • Inclusive Leadership 
    Friday, October 21
    East Lounge, Dougherty Hall

  • Leadership in Dialogue 
    Friday, October 28
    East Lounge, Dougherty Hall

  • Social Responsibility (Citizenship)
    Friday, November 4
    Garey Cafe

  • Living Out Augustine in Leadership
    Friday, November 11
    Garey Cafe

  • Social Media Leadership
    Friday, November 18
    East Lounge, Dougherty Hall

  • Closing Banquet
    Friday, November 20– 1:30-2:15 pm
    KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Camille Burge, Ph.D.
    Political Science Department
    Villanova Room, Connelly Center

Villanova Challenge Course

"Challenges are opportunities to discover your strengths."  Two-hour Challenge Course sessions occur between Mondays and Fridays and are free to all student groups!  Contact Stephen Koch.

The Challenge Course is also available to non-Villanova groups.  Contact Stephen Koch. for details.