Association for Change & Transformation

What is the Association for Change and Transformation?

The Villanova University Association for Change and Transformation (ACT) formerly known as Diversity Peer Educators (DPE’s) strive to educate the greater Villanova community on the dynamics surrounding social identity, power, privilege, and oppression as well as the "isms": racism, “ableism”, classism, sexism, and heterosexism. In order to achieve a greater sense of equality, friendship, and openness for each Villanovan. ACT works to eradicate all forms of prejudices and stereotypes on campus and to instill multicultural maturity and acceptance through education through interactive workshops and dialogue style delivery. ACT enhances student's lives by making the Villanova community aware of the uniqueness of those around them, by refining students, and by setting positive examples for the community, while promoting a society of acceptance and equality on Villanova's campus.

Who are the Association for Change and Transformation?

ACT members are students who share the goal in educating in areas of difference and inclusion to bring awareness in the realms of diversity issues to Villanova University and neighboring communities.

The ACT organization consists of four subgroups:

  • DPEs - The Diversity Peer Educators: are responsible for the facilitation of all Learning Edge Workshops on and off campus. These are diversity facilitators specially trained to have knowledge about social justice concepts such as social identity, power, privilege, difference and oppression as well as skills in the art of facilitation.
  • STTEP - Students Transforming Through Education and Performance: are tasked with engaging through performance and other creative ways (other than lecture style presentation) within the territory of social identity, power, privilege, and oppression.
  • IMPACT Students brought together to aid the Blue Key Society by bringing a positive reality and experience to the prospective students (special groups) that visit the University, via student panel discussion, connecting them to the Villanova Community.
  • Learning Edge Workshops: ACT members also lead Learning Edge Community Builders and Performances to engage the Villanova community. They are available to student groups. faculty and staff.

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Learning Edge Community Builders or “CBs” and Performances… CBs are activities during the workshops for ACT to interact with the Villanova community in order to build a universal experience and shared understanding while increasing awareness, knowledge, and skill surrounding issues of social justice, privilege, power, oppression and social identity. Performance based activities such as Orientation’s Touch of Diversity (10-30 minute performances is based on a compilation of faculty, staff, and student experiences (old and new) related to issues of difference, inclusion and the Villanova experience), can be a useful experience for faculty, staff, and student organizations to promote discussion in classrooms and team meetings in departments across campus. As well as include on syllabi and staff trainings. Both CB and performance presentations are followed by dialogue which debriefs the activity. This is a time for breaking down barriers and reflecting on the presentation.  While ACT does create and implement programs when a bias related incident occurs; ACT is more proactive than reactive.