Medical Assistance for Alcohol & Other Drugs

Student Medical Assistance Policy

In keeping with Augustinian values that promote a caring community and since the health and safety of students is of primary concern to the University, students should contact a University official when medical assistance is needed for another individual who is intoxicated/impaired. In these cases students should contact a Resident Assistant or Public Safety Officer, or call 610-519-4444 for emergency assistance from the Department of Public Safety. The Department of Public Safety and/or Villanova Emergency Medical Services (VEMS) will assist intoxicated/impaired individuals by evaluating the individual, taking appropriate protective measures and, if required as a result of the evaluation, facilitating transport to appropriate medical facilities.

Students who seek medical assistance for an intoxicated/impaired student will not be subject to formal University disciplinary action, if they too are impaired/intoxicated at the time of the notification. Similarly, students who report or seek assistance for another student for incidents involving potential sexual assault, sexual harassment or other sexual misconduct, or other crimes of violence, will not be subject to the formal University Alcohol and Drug Policy for any personal ingestion of alcohol or other drugs at the time of the incident or notification that might constitute a violation of this Policy; intoxication or drug use, however, will not be a defense to a student charged with such misconduct. In addition, this policy does not preclude disciplinary action for other violations of University policies and does not prevent action by outside local and/or state authorities. The student who sought assistance for an intoxicated/impaired student, or who reported an incident of sexual assault, sexual harassment or other sexual misconduct, will have the opportunity for educational follow up with the Assistant Dean of Students for Alcohol and Drug Intervention.

Student Organization Medical Assistance Policy 

Student organizations enjoy certain privileges associated with University recognition, and with that recognition student organizations are not only obligated to uphold the values and standards of the University, but are also entrusted with the welfare of their members. As a result, student organizations are expected to contact a University official or medical professional when an intoxicated/impaired member or guest is in need of medical assistance at an organizational function. Student organizations that fail to seek such assistance are undermining this special trust and their status as a recognized organization may be subject to review. 

A student organization that seeks immediate assistance, from appropriate sources, while at an approved organizational function will not be subject to formal University disciplinary sanctions related to the actions of the student needing assistance.  The leadership and/or members of the student organization may be referred for educational follow-up as determined by University officials.  If other violations of the Code of Student Conduct or University Social Policy related to the incident are discovered, the student organization may face formal disciplinary or administrative action.  However, the student organization’s willingness to seek medical assistance for a member or guest will be viewed as a mitigating factor in adjudicating the matter.  In cases of repeated or egregious incidents, the University reserves the right to pursue formal disciplinary or administrative action on a case by case basis.

As a bystander, you have a choice. You have the opportunity to provide assistance, to do nothing at all, or to contribute to a negative behavior. We all have a responsibility to look out for one another, especially in the moments that matter.