Villanova Spread the Spirit

We invite you to be a part of the Villanova University “Spread the Spiritservice project. This year’s Christmas party for the North Light Community Center's children will be held on Sunday, December 10th from 1:30 – 4:00 in the Villanova Room (Connelly Center). The children and their families are brought by bus to campus for the party.  200 children and adults are expected at this event, so your assistance is greatly appreciated. 

North Light Community Center has asked if we would could “adopt” 30 families this year. And we will again collect toys for the children from the Church of New Hope and Faith in North Philadelphia.  Clearly there is a tremendous need right in our own back yard, and without the kindness, generosity, and support from the Villanova community, these families would go without this holiday season.

If a department, organization, Residence Hall or group chooses to adopt a family, a fun suggestion is to create a "Giving Tree" in your office and each person could select a gift for the adopted family from the tree. One person could organize the gift list to ensure all gifts have been collected!

Christmas Angel

This year there are many opportunities to help!

  • Sponsor a child (or children) for the party
  • Adopt a Family - as an individual or a department or a group sponsor a famly of 2 - 6
  • Donate money - Help Sponsor the party!
    Any departments wishing to make donations to help offset some of the costs associated with the party or for gifts can do so through an internal budget transfer
  • Donate generic toys
  • Help set up, attend or clean up at the party!
  • Cash Donations - A christmas Elf will purchase a gift in your name

Any questions, concerns or comments, please contact Joan Hawley, at, or Marybeth Avioli, 95327, Chairpersons for the Villanova University Spread the Spirit Project.


Our Department, Organization, Residence Hall or Individual, will be adopting a family.
List the department, organization or individual name below:

Select from the lists below:

Our Department, Organization, Residence Hall, or Individual will be a Christmas Elf for a child/children for the Christmas Party. List the department, organization or individual name below:

If you have an age preference for your child, please specify below. We will try to match up as best as possible.

You can choose multiple age groups!

Adopt A Child

  • Please purchase 1-3 items (no more)
  • Please limit amount to a total of $30.00 on the gifts
  • You will receive a spreadsheet with ideas, some interests and information about the child(ren) you are sponsoring to use as a gift guide.
  • Please place the unwrapped gift in a gift bag with a gift tag on the outside of the bag attached.  On the tag, please clearly mark the first and last name of the child. Bring these gifts to Connelly Center, Devon Room on Friday, Dec. 8th between 10am and 4pm.
    (Santa gives these gifts individually to the children at the Christmas Party.)

Adopt a Family

  • Families range in size from 2-6
  • There is no limit amount for the gifts
  • You will receive a spreadsheet with ideas, some interests and information about the Family you are sponsoring
  • Please bring the wrapped, tagged (with age of person and family #, i.e. FAMILY #19, Girl 6yrs) gifts to Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Corr Hall - Lower Level by Monday, Dec. 18th.
  • Create a "Gift Tree/Angel Tree" in your office and add paper angels that describe one item from the family's list. Appoint one person to oversee the list and gifts collected to ensure the family list is complete!

Donate Toys

  • Donate toys for Church of New Hope and Faith children - see lists below.
    Deliver these unwrapped gifts to Dougherty Hall, Rm 214 by Friday December 15th.
    (The Church members will pick up these gifts the week of Dec 18th from Villanova)

Donate Money 

  • Donate money for North Light party

Volunteer Time

  • Donate time - come and help set up, serve, or clean up for the North Light Party.

Gift Suggestions for Children from Church of New Hope and Faith

Bring these gifts unwrapped to Dougherty, Rm 214  by Dec. 15th

0-3 years

Fischer-Price Toys
Playskool Toys
LeapFrog Toys
Soft Letters, Numbers, Baby Dolls, Stuffed Animals
Magnetic Numbers and Letters
Frog Prince 10" Soft Toy with Mini Book
Educational Toys
Board or Soft Books
Teething Rings
Thomas the Tank
Kitchen Sets

4-6 Years

Thomas the Tank Engine Trains, tracks etc
Interactive Books
Pop up Books
Legos, Lego Duplo
Fischer Price, PlaySchool
Dish Sets, Kitchen Sets
Leap Frog
Princess Dolls
Barbies, Doll Houses
Play Doh, Crayola
Sports Equipment
Star Wars
Ninja Turtles
Board Games

7-9 Years

Matchbox Cars
Racing Cars
Remote Control Toys
Crayola Products
Art Supplies
Hand Held GAmes
Littlest Pet Shop
Junior Games
Sports Equipment
Barbie or Fashion Dolls
Doll Houses
Puzzles, Books
Star Wars
Bicycle Helmets

10-12 Years

Legos, & Legos Friends
Nerf Rebelle
Sports Equipment
Bicycle Helmets
Crayola Paint Maker
Rubrik's Brain Teaser
Family Feud
Chess Set/ Checkers
Craft Sets
Star Wars