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The University Counseling Center provides services that help students function optimally with regard to emotional, academic, read more...

Individual Counseling

Many students make use of individual counseling, whereby they can discuss personal issues in a private setting that assures more




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Free, confidential help is available by stopping by:
Counseling Center
Room 206
Health Services Bldg.

or by calling

The Holloway Lecture Series

Dr. Greg J. Neimeyer, Ph.D.

Internet Addiction
Monday, September 21, 4:00 pm
Driscoll Auditorium 

Internet use is thoroughly woven into our lives.  We use it for Information, gaming, blogging, shopping, movies, facebook, email.  When does everyday internet USE become ABUSE? This talk explores  problematic Internet use and it's effects in the ever-changing online world in which we live..more
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