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Our Mission

  • Share information with other students to promote health awareness about alcohol and other drugs, sexual assault, sexual health, nutrition, and fitness.
  • Provide resources to the Villanova community.
  • Promote healthy choices based on valid and reliable scientific findings, personal goals and values, and the values of the Augustinian tradition of Villanova University.
  • Serve as active role models to our peers by making responsible decisions in our personal lives with special emphasis placed on confidentiality, approachability, and respect.

Who We Are?

We are 25+ peer educators strong who are trained by the Health Promotion staff members and other campus experts. We choose to be trained in an area of interest, which includes alcohol and other drugs, sexual assault, sexual health, nutrition, and fitness. Through the 30 hours of specialized training, as well as weekly meetings, we receive hands-on experiences in program & event planning, social marketing, and leadership development.

What We Do?

We sponsor and participate in the following health awareness campaigns and events to introduce possible scenarios that students may experience and give healthy suggestions for life at Villanova and beyond. In addition, we offer interactive health programs for Residence Life, Student Development organizations, Academic Colleges, Athletics, and anyone else who requests them.  Click here to see a list of our programs.

Program Requests & Applications

POWER is always accepting program requests and POWER Peer Educator applications. (To use writable fields option- save pdf to your computer first then open it and type directly into field.)

You can also reach us by calling 610-519-7410 or stopping by the Office of Health Promotion on the first floor of the Health Services Building.