Cheers! To Your First Year!

Who doesn’t love BINGO?! First year students will gain valuable information and knowledge of resources regarding sexual assault and alcohol use through a game of BINGO.  Students can win prizes, meet new hall mates, learn valuable tips and tricks on how to make their first year at Villanova their best year!

Stress Busters!

Stress? Ain’t nobody go time for that! Life, school and work can really take a toll on our emotional health. This program covers creative strategies to manage stress and how to prioritize your life to make the most out of your 24 hours!

Let’s Talk about IT!

This program on sexual health and sexual assault is engaging and interactive! Participants will get to experience how easily STIs can be spread and ways to prevent transmission and infection though a hands-on activity. Students will also participate in discussions around different scenarios related to consent and sexual assault through a tricky game of red-light green-light.

Cook-Less Cuisine

This program is designed to provide first or second year students with information and resources regarding creating nutrition and providing them with recipes that they can easily recreate in their residence hall. This program includes a few rounds of trivia, microwave safety information and a cooking demo with free samples!

Don’t Blame it on the Alcohol!

How much do you really know about binge drinking? This interactive program will test student’s knowledge on binge drinking though a competitive game of Jeopardy! Students will learn valuable information, and ways to drink responsibly and safely while minimizing associated risks with binge drinking.

Healthy Happy Hour

Looking for something to do before that big event on or off campus? Contact us to set up a “Healthy Happy Hour.” POWER’s Healthy Happy Hour series is a customizable program that can include snacks, games, prizes, photo booths and more!

Create Your Own

Don’t see a program that has you’re looking for? Email us and we can customize a program to meet your needs. We can also combine programs to cover more than one topic. Please note that custom programs may take longer to prepare.

Program Requests & Applications

POWER is always accepting program requests and POWER Peer Educator applications. (To use writable fields option- save pdf to your computer first then open it and type directly into field.)

You can also reach us by calling 610-519-7410 or stopping by the Office of Health Promotion on the first floor of the Health Services Building.



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