University-wide Guidelines

Visual Identity

The Villanova University visual identity is the primary identifier of the University in all communications and should inform all print and electronic pieces for both internal and external audiences. Using a clear, consistent visual identity for Villanova will promote awareness and recognition of the University across all audiences.

The visual identity encompasses three elements:

1) A graphic design
2) Typography
3) University-approved color

Examples of communication vehicles include, but are not limited to, magazines, newsletters, brochures; stationery; banners and signage; electronic and print invitations and electronic and print ads. In each of these instances the designed piece must possess the University’s visual identity.

  • University Logo Hierarchy

    The University's visual identity includes a set of logo marks that meet particular needs and usage. Please review this section for descriptions of the appropriate usage of each. read more

  • University Color

    The University utilizes a particular color palette to ensure that all University communications are consistent across all channels and to all audiences. read more

  • University Fonts

    For consistency across all University communications, Villanova utilizes both the Gotham and Goudy font families. Please refer to this section for more detail. read more

  • University Wordmark

  • Stationery

    The University’s stationery is available through Villanova’s iPrint portal, in the Nova Docs tab. Each stationery item—letterhead, #10 envelope, and business cards—has its own template for the user to customize for his or her needs. College, Department, Center and Institute, as well as individual names and titles are customizable fields in the templates. read more

  • The President's Seal

    Use of the President's Seal is restricted to communication materials from the Office of the President only. read more

  • Ignite Change. Go Nova. tagline

  • Campaign to Ignite Change logo

  • Logo Usage Specs

    Placement of your logo in a communication piece should adhere to this guideline for clearspace, size, leading, background and color treatments. read more

  • Copy and Messaging