September 24, 2010

University Senate

MINUTES SECOND Meeting of the Villanova University Senate for Academic Year 2010-2011 in Bartley Hall 2010 on Friday, SEPTEMBER 24,        2010 at 3:30 P.M.

PRESENT:  Dr. Robert Styer, Chairperson; Mr. Bryan Kerns, Executive Secretary; Dr. Joseph Dellapenna, Parliamentarian

Dr. Chiji Akoma; Ms. Diepiriye Anga; Mr. Andrew Benenati; Mr. Robert  Capone ’62; Mr. Thomas Carlin; Dr. Sohail Chaudhry; Dr. Q. Chung;
Mr. James Danko; Dr. John Doody; Rev. Kail Ellis, OSA; Dr. M. Louise Fitzpatrick; Mr. Stephen Fugale; Mr. Damien A. Germino;
Dr. Christopher Haas; Ms. Bridget Halligan; Dr. Beth Hassel; Ms. Selma Koury Wunderlich ’58  (representing Alumni Association President ); Dr. Sarvesh Kulkarni; Ms. Susan Leighton; Dr. Adele Lindenmeyr; Dr. Susan Mackey-Kallis; Mr. John Marrah; Mr. Michael Morris; Mr. John Murray; Dr. Victoria McWilliams; Mr. Vincent Nicastro; Mr. Phillip O’Neill; Ms. Amy Patel;
Mr. Harshil Patel; Ms. Mary Quilter; Ms. Leighann Reilly; Mr. Gregory Sleasman; Rev. John Stack, OSA; Mr. Kenneth Valosky; Dr. Barbara Wall; Dr. Maggie Wang; Ms. Lindsey Waters; Dr. Seth Whidden
Ms. Helen Heron, Recording Secretary

ABSENT: Mr. Thomas Carlin; Dr. Gary Gabriele (Notified In Advance-Unable
to Attend); Ms. Dorothy Malloy (NIA); Ms. Meghan Mogan (NIA);
Dr. Thomas Way (NIA); Dr. Joyce Willens (NIA)

Ms. Helen Heron – Recording Secretary                          



Friday, September 24, 2010


Please silence all cell phones.  Please put your nameplate at your place for attendance purposes.

INVOCATION – Dr. Robert Styer

“Direct, we beseech You, O Lord, all our actions by Your holy inspiration, carry them on by Your gracious assistance, that every prayer and good work of ours may begin always from You and by You be happily ended, through Christ our Lord.  Amen.”


1.       APPROVAL OF MINUTES of the April 30, 2010 Meeting
Senator Valosky made a motion to approve the minutes.  Senator Haas
seconded the motion.
II.      POWER OF INTERPELLATION (if any)                           
a)   Welcome to all the new Senators 
b)   The Senate requests that each member read Article VII in the Constitution
regarding the absences of Senators at Senate Meetings


After a Senator misses more than two consecutive and/or more than three total meetings during the academic year, the Chairperson of the Senate shall direct a letter of inquiry to the specific Senator involved requesting information about said Senator’s ability to serve and his/her intentions regarding attendance at future meetings.


Mr. Tom DeMarco, Director for Residence Life
Ms. Kathy Byrnes, Associate Vice President, Student Life

Senator Danko expressed concern over the fact that residents in the
neighboring areas complained about the noise level in some of the
off- campus living areas. Ms. Byrnes suggested that the residents contact the
those in charge and then follow up to see if any corrective measures were taken.

Senator Quilter agreed that the learning communities were exceptional in their loyalty to each other. She noted that when she visited Delurey, almost every freshman stated that they loved their location because of their community.

Senator Styer thanked Ms. Byrnes and Mr. DeMarco for their presentation.

V.  REPORT FROM FACULTY CONGRESS ON 2010-2011 GOALS AND                             
OBJECTIVES – Dr. Q. B. Chung, Chair

The Faculty Congress shares its two major committees with the University Senate – APC and COF, chaired by Senators Mackey-Kallis and Whidden, respectively. Beside the two, the members of the Faculty Congress represent the various faculty constituents: tenured and tenure-track faculty, full-time non-tenure track (FTNTT) faculty, adjunct faculty, and retired faculty. The Faculty Congress started this academic year with full membership. Beside the two major committees, there are the Executive Committee, the Elections and Credentials Committee, and the Salary, Benefits, and Terms and Conditions of Employment Committee – all fully charged and moving fast forward.

I believe this position was passed down to me from Professor Boots Cassel, who served as chair of the Faculty Congress for two years, with a great deal of energy and a strong momentum for faculty participation. In addition to the many faculty members engaging in various service projects in multiple sites, this year we had a Faculty Congress “group” on the Day of Service. As in the past, we expect a smooth and strong working relationship with the VPAA, now, Fr. Ellis. Also, Fr. Donohue’s new initiative – Faculty Fridays – provides an excellent vehicle for the faculty to come together and exchange ideas and enthusiasm, for which we are very grateful.

Since the primary role of the Faculty Congress is to discuss all matters of interest to the faculty and represent the collective opinions of the faculty to the Villanova community, our goals and objectives will be simply that. If you ask, “Matters of interest? Like what?” this year, in particular, appears to be packed with a number of high-profile initiatives that require active faculty participation, such as:

  • Provost Search (in addition to two Dean searches)
  • Football subdivision discussion
  • Middle States Self Study, and
  • Establishment of Faculty-contributed “Rainy Day” Funds for students.

And, for these and many other major and minor issues, the Faculty Congress will strive to serve as an effective and efficient conduit to channel faculty opinions to the forums of decision making.

Internally, the various committees are already involved in projects and initiatives of their respective areas, and they are too many to enumerate.

Besides, I feel strong affinity with the leaders of various Faculty Congress committees, who are modest, minding their own responsibilities, but not very good at telling others what good jobs they are doing. Along with them, I will try to keep it quiet – at least today. But from time to time, I promise to bring good reports about our excellent performances, to the Senate and to the Villanova community at large.

Senator Styer thanked Senator Chung for his presentation.


Ms. Bridget Halligan, President, SGA
Ms. Alison Webb, Vice-President, SGA

Dr. Styer thanked Ms. Halligan and Ms. Webb for their presentation.

AND OBJECTIVES- Ms. Meghan Mogan

The USC will continue in its third year to be an open forum where, within a spirit of respect and frankness, staff representatives and other colleagues will discuss and address cross-University topics and concerns with respect to community building, job fulfillment, work process improvement, and other issues with the ultimate goal of contributing to the University’s Mission and values.

To accomplish this, staff members will continue their work on the various committees that comprise the USC focusing on staff development, staff recognition, suggestions for workplace improvements and community building among all University constituents.  Specifically, it is our hope to build upon a very strong inaugural Personal Productivity Program for staff and to consolidate and streamline the nomination processes for the Above & Beyond, Work Process Improvement and Distinguished Service awards.  The USC will introduce a “Take 5 with the USC” program whereby staff representatives will visit various offices across campus to share information and obtain feedback necessary for the USC to serve its constituents in an informed manner.  Additionally, the Executive Committee of the USC will work to increase communication and collaboration between the Faculty Congress and the Student Government Association.  Finally, the Election Committee of the USC will manage the first election process as the 2-year term of its elected members expires and a new group begins in January 2011.


  1. Dr. Sally Scholz - Update on the Middle States
  2. Mr. Bob Morro – Campus Master Plan
  3. Mr. Vince Nicastro – Update on Football Issue

Senator Mackey-Kallis suggested in regard to the Facultas Award, which awards a staff member for outstanding service, that perhaps the Staff Council
might also encourage the various colleges to develop staff awards.

There being no further business, Senator Styer asked for a motion to adjourn.
Senator Wall motioned for the meeting to be adjourned. Senator Chung
seconded that motion. The meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

The scheduled meetings for FIRST SEMESTER Academic Year 2010-2011 are:
Friday, October 22, 2010 – Bartley 2010– 3:30 PM
Friday, December 3, 2010 – Bartley 2010- 3:30 PM
(President’s Annual Address)

Respectfully submitted,

Bryan Kerns
Executive Secretary

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