September 23, 2011

MINUTES: SECOND Meeting of the Villanova University Senate for Academic Year 2010-2011 in Bartley Hall 2010 on Friday, SEPTEMBER 23, 2011 at 3:30 P.M.

PRESENT: Dr. Robert Styer, Chairperson; Mr. Andrew Benenati, Executive Secretary Dr. Chiji Akoma; Mr. Robert Capone '62; Dr. Sohail Chaudhry; Dr. Q. Chung; Rev. Kail Ellis, OSA; Mr. Stephen Fugale; Ms. Emily Morse; Ms. Meaghan McGrath; Ms. Kathleen Carden; Mr. George Soussou; Mr. Jack Chong; Dr. Jean Ann Linney; Ms. Ellie Garbade; Ms. Elizabeth Heurich; Ms. Gabrielle Bruno; Dr. Kevin Clark; Ms. Minjeung Kim; Dr. Thomas Way; Dr. Joyce Willens; Dr. Christopher Haas; Dr. Beth Hassel; Dr. Sarvesh Kulkarni; Ms. Susan Leighton; Dr. Adele Lindenmeyr; Mr. John J. Murray; Dr. Victoria McWilliams; Mr. Phillip O'Neill; Ms. Mary Quilter; Mr. Kenneth Valosky; Dr. Barbara Wall; Dr. Seth Whidden; Mr. Kevin Noller; Ms. Megan Copel Ms. Helen Heron, Recording Secretary

ABSENT: Ms. Selma Koury Wunderlich '58 (Notified In Advance-Unable to Attend); Dr. M. Louise Fitzpatrick; Rev. John Stack, OSA; Dr. Gary Gabriele; Ms. Dorothy Malloy, Esq.; Dr. Maggie Wang; Dr. Joseph Dellapenna; Mr. Vince Nicastro









Please silence all cell phones. Please put your nameplate at your place for attendance purposes.


INVOCATION - Dr. Chiji Akoma

Our Heavenly Father, thank you for your mercies and your love toward us, your creation. Thank you for the beauty of this earth on which we live and derive our sustenance. Thank you for blessing us with the intellect to do great things for humanity. Here at Villanova, we thank you for the successes we have experienced, first as a community, and in individual capacities as students, staff, and faculty.

We also grieve for losses and misfortunes. We ask that you shield us from adversities, and when they befall us, the wisdom to seek your face for strength and comfort.

Lord, as a body, we ask for your direction in the affairs of Villanova. Let your Light illumine our minds; your grace sustain us; and the sacrifice of your Son on the cross challenge us to seek the welfare of those in need, voice for the silenced, and justice for the weak. We ask for insight, and joy in the love of community, and pray especially for the success of tomorrow's Day of Service.

Dear God, our Father, as we begin a new academic year, grant every constituency represented in this Senate a unity of purpose, that our deliberations may be for the greatness of Villanova and the fulfillment of our mission to love and care in communion, and pursue truth to the glory of your holy name. Amen.

1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES of the April 15, 2011 meeting. The minutes were

unanimously approved.


Mr. Kenneth Valosky, Vice President, Administration and Finance

When World Travel became the official Villanova University travel agent, the reasoning was that it would add convenience and the University would save money.

1. Has the University conducted a formal study to see if the World Travel arrangements have saved the University significant funds? What were the results of any such study?

In response to the then economic crisis, the University mandated the use of

World Travel in June 2009 in order to achieve significant savings on travel.

However, as the result of complaints from some constituencies, the

mandatory use of World Travel was suspended in November 2009.

There was not sufficient travel volume processed through World

Travel to negotiate significant travel discounts with airlines and hotels.

The savings have been less than $100,000 since inception.

2. Are there plans to survey the University community to ascertain the helpfulness of the World Travel website and office to the users of the service?

The contract with World Travel expires in June 2012 and Procurement will

evaluate vendor performance at that time.


a) Welcome to all the new Senators

b) The Senate requests that each member read Article VII in the Constitution

regarding the absences of Senators at Senate Meetings



After a Senator misses more than two consecutive and/or more than three total meetings during the academic year, the Chairperson of the Senate shall direct a letter of inquiry to the specific Senator involved requesting information about said Senator's ability to serve and his/her intentions regarding attendance at future meetings.




Mr. Dave Tedjeski - Director of Public Safety

Mr. Tedjeske's presentation can be found on the University Senate's web site under

"Public Safety Update" at

Senator Quilter asked if the Fedigan gate would be considered the North gate.

Mr. Tedjeski explained that the North gate is at Ithan Avenue. She also wanted to

know if there is a place on campus that one could call if someone needs assistance.

He replied by saying that there is an intercom at the bollards if one would need to

get through the gate. They also added a CC TV at every exterior vehicular

entrance to the campus. If one were to buzz the gate, the guard can see who is



Dr. Haas asked to what extent the Radnor warning system is involved with the

Villanova community. Mr. Tedjeski responded by saying that a warning from

Radnor Township would not necessarily trigger from Villanova. He explained that

the NOVA ALERT system was designed to warn those on campus about imminent

threats on campus. He receives Radnor's alerts as well. At that time, he evaluates

on a case-by-case basis as to whether or not there is a threat to the campus.

Senator Willens inquired if VEMS was part of Public Safety's responsibility.

Mr. Tedjeski replied that it was not.

Senator Styer thanked Mr. Tedjeski for his presentation.





As the Committee on Faculty considers issues related to salary, benefits, and the operating budget, faculty members understandably have a stakeholder position in the strategic allocation of university resources. Therefore, the Committee on Faculty formally requests that the University Budget Committee present to the Senate, each spring, not only the proposed annual budget for the coming academic year, but also the difference between the proposed and actual budget for the previous five years, to provide context.

Senator Styer opened the floor for debate.

Senator Wall pointed out that the Committee on Faculty and the Budget Committee are committees of the University Senate. She therefore moved to table the motion and ask that the two chairs address this resolution and return to the Senate with a report. Senator Ellis seconded the motion.

Senator Noller asked if a staff member could be included in the resolution as well for this discussion.

The motion was passed unanimously.

Senator Whidden, Chair of CoF, felt this was appropriate.


Members of the Faculty Congress and those serving on its various committees - including COF and APC that the members of the University Senate are already familiar with - represent the opinions and interests of their constituents, namely the faculty. While the faculty voices are not necessarily monotonic, such diverse opinions, collectively, have contributed to making Villanova University what it is today.

The Faculty Congress has started this academic year with a large number of new and continuing initiatives. I believe COF and APC will have their chances to share their plans with the Senate. So, I would like to address the overall Faculty Congress issues in broad strokes. The Faculty Congress will continue to work to facilitate communication on campus, and in doing so, enhance common understanding of where Villanova is headed and how all Villanovans can contribute to getting there together. In "Strategy and the New Economics of Information," a 1997 Harvard Business Review article, the authors who were top executives at Boston Consulting Group claim that every business is an information business, one's competitive position is determined by information asymmetry in the marketplace, and that the new infrastructure that facilitates information flow will cause a radical shift in bargaining power. More information is now available that was not before. Pretty much anything that can be digitized will become available through this new network infrastructure. Examples are too many to mention. Not that we are in a marketplace at the moment, we should recognize that information asymmetry will be harder to find in the future. It is very fitting that we at Villanova are striving to share more information.

Sharing information, interests, and dreams will only help forge our common goals and plans. For the Day of Service, in addition to many faculty involved in many different service sites, the Faculty Congress group was formed and will go to Brandywine Hall in West Chester. Thanks to Fr. Peter, we will continue Faculty Fridays. It proved to be a wonderful forum for all faculty members, both new and seasoned. The Faculty Congress plans to amend its Constitution to bring it up to date. A comprehensive faculty salary study has been commissioned by Fr. Ellis, and we are awaiting its findings. We will participate in the community climate survey not only to gauge how we are doing but to shape the future directions of the faculty governance. Faculty representatives will keep the rest of the faculty informed by way of the Faculty Congress. As you can tell, there will be a lot more communication, not just a lot more work. For these and many other major and minor issues, the Faculty Congress will strive to serve as a conduit to channel faculty opinions to the decision making tables, share the outcomes, and also for the feedback.

I said this last year, and will have to repeat it today. I feel strong affinity with the leaders of various Faculty Congress committees, who are modest, minding their own responsibilities, but not very good at telling others what good jobs they are doing. So, I will try to keep a low profile. But I promise, from time to time, I will bring good reports about their excellent work and accomplishments to the Senate and to the Villanova community at large.

Senator Styer thanked Senator Chung for his presentation.



OBJECTIVES - Mr. George Soussou, President, SGA


Welcome back! I would like to thank all of you for dedicating time to the University Senate this year.


As some of you may know, the Villanova Student Government Association underwent a structural change this past semester. We are excited for this new structure, as students at Villanova now have at least two modes of representation within Student Government. The Class Councils are constructed of an elected President, Vice President, and Student Representative for each class. The University Senate is constructed of elected students from each College that serve in this community.

The Student Government Association is currently accepting applications, and will begin the interview process in the coming weeks. We are excited to formulate our committees and bring additional resources to the organization.

So far this year, SGA has already been active around the University. On September 11th, the Villanova Student Government Association worked with the Garrett Hill Coalition and Bryn Mawr Civic Association on a Welcome Students Picnic in order to enhance our relationships with the surrounding community. The picnic was a very successful event, with over 200 students and neighbors meeting one another.Also, SGA has been planning a Student Leadership Dinner that will take place on September 26th. This dinner is a way to thank the leaders on campus for their leadership within the community, but also serves as a setting for campus leaders to have a conversation and learn about some other successful leadership characteristics.

SGA also has a goal on enhancing and improving Villanova students' civic duty within the area. A recent study suggested that Villanova students rank among the highest when it comes to community service; however, the survey depicted weakness in terms of political participation and advocacy. The Student Government Association looks to specifically target the freshman class as a way to begin a wave of civic engagement to the Villanova community.

As most of you already know, Villanova Student Government really looks to serve the entire University. We are diversified within our committees, and look to enhance and improve Villanova in any way that we can. We look to work with students, faculty, staff, and administrators in order to continue to make Villanova one of the best places to be in the country.

I would like to thank all of you for your time, and I look forward to having a successful and productive year. Please feel free to reach out to the Student Government Association at any time.

Senator Styer thanked Senator Soussou for his presentation.



The primary goal for the USC every year is to act as both the voice of the Staff and provide a regular forum for conversation amongst staff members across all departments. A recent poll of USC members revealed that our members overwhelmingly believe the USC is meeting their expectations and moving in a positive direction.

This year the USC will aim to improve upon our department updates at each meeting. Under the current system, some departments share information regularly and others do not. An emphasis will be placed on coming to monthly meetings prepared to share a brief department update.

Bringing speakers from across campus to our monthly meetings has been very well received. This year both Jim Trainer and Fr. Joe Farrell are scheduled to speak in the Fall. Jim will be sharing information on the upcoming Community Climate Survey. Fr. Farrell will be educating our staff members on what it means to be an Augustinian University. Topics for the Spring will include a Facilities update and a presentation from the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Our Staff Development Committee will offer programming for staff similar to the Personal Productivity Series. The USC also plans to invite Fr. Farrell to speak at a Staff Development event in the Spring.Our Villagnome award will include individuals in addition to departments. The goal is to recognize those individuals who go above and beyond their responsibilities throughout the year.

Senator Noller announced that the first person to receive the Villagnome award would be Mr. Dave Tedjeski particularly for his efforts during Hurricane Irene.

Senator Styer thanked Senator Noller for his presentation




My name is Emily Morse and I am the president of the Graduate Student Council, which serves graduate departments of the School of Arts and Sciences. It is a goal of ours to bridge the gap between our school and other graduate schools (i.e. business, nursing), but our primary concern is to be an interdepartmental organization for A & S departments. We are supported by Dean Lindenmeyr, the Graduate Student Office, and Student Development, so we are primarily a social organization but we intend to do some academic programming as well.

This year, we will do another Winter Social, which was very successful last year. We will also be trying a tailgate to bring graduate students into the Villanova community with undergrads and potentially an academic event in the spring. Our New Student Orientation in August was very successful and represented students across A & S departments. We'd be happy to take any questions or comments that you may have for our organization. Please feel free to contact me, Emily Morse, at


a) Ms. Nancy Dudak - Director of Career Services

b) Mr. Tim Dietzler - Director of Dining Services

c) Mr. Robert Byrnes - President of VUAA




There being no further business, Senator Styer asked for a motion to adjourn.

Senator Wall motioned for the meeting to be adjourned. Senator Quilter

seconded that motion. The meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

The scheduled meetings for FIRST SEMESTER Academic Year 2011-2012 are:

Friday, October 21, 2011 - Bartley 2010- 3:30 PM

Friday, December 2, 2011 - Bartley 2010- 3:30 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Benenati

Executive Secretary