Meet Me Conferencing

Meet Me Conferencing allows you to improve collaboration by easily setting up conference calls. Participants dial into a pre-established number for conference calls at a specified time and the service connects all callers together, reducing the need for third party conferencing services. The Meet Me Conference Service allows you to sponsor a conference call for up to six (6) participants on a personal bridge or 50 participants on the system bridge.

Once established, you will be given your own conference phone number and password that you will control. You can give the phone number and password out to participants so that they can call in and be connected with your conference. When the conference is over, you can change the password if you wish to prevent previous users from joining into future conferences that you host. The control of the password is entirely in your control.

Using Meet Me Conferencing

Establishing the Service 
Every 6 party Meet-Me-Conference number requires a primary owner. The owner is responsible for their conferencing number, usage and management of the security code. Large group conferences, calls using the 50 member conferencing feature, must be scheduled to ensure there will be no conflicts. To schedule a large group conference, please use the 50 member bridge contact Cathy DeGrazio at 94409 or via email ( 

Security Codes 
Each Meet-Me Conference number has a security code associated with it. It is suggested that the security code be changed after each conference. This will prevent someone from using your Meet-Me-Conference bridge for other conferences.

Changing Security Codes

  • Dial the feature access code: *17
  • Dial the Meet-Me-Conference extension number assigned to you and press # · Dial your current security code and press #
  • Dial new security code (must be at least 6 digits) and press #
  • Dial new security code again and press # to confirm
  • You should hear 3 confirmation beeps and you are finished

Setting Up a Conference

  • Inform all the participants of the date and time of the conference
  • Give participants the access phone number and conference access security code.
  • At conference time, dial your access phone number and enter your security code.
  • To join your conference, dial the conference telephone number assigned to you and enter the conference security code.

As people join the conference the connected participants will hear three beeps. The caller will hear a message announcing the number of people on the conference. Example: "You are the third person to join the conference".

Conference Display Feature 
The "Conference Display" feature allows you to see who is on your conference at any given time. This feature button can only be added to your telephone set if you have a display phone with programmable buttons.  By repeatedly depressing the conference display button the phone display will show who is on the conference.

Standard Features

  • Far End Mute - moderator can mute participants on the call.
  • Pin Code Access for secure conference calls.
  • Personalized Greetings for each unique conference number.
  • Selective Drop and Conference Display  Moderator can see on his/her phone display who is on the call and can selectively drop participants as appropriate.
  • Sponsor a Conference Call for up to six (6) participants.

Notes on using 
Meet Me Conferencing

Users of Meet Me Conferencing feature will be given their own unique phone number and security code or password.

When conference services are finished, it is up to the owner of the conference number to change the security code or not.

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