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Villanova IT Security Awareness Video Summary



In order to build awareness of online risks and educate our community on preventative measures, UNIT has made available a series of IT Security Awareness Videos.

The goal of the IT Security Awareness Videos is to provide the tools and additional awareness you need to protect yourself—and our community—in the information-technology world. These videos are brief and easily digestible, and cover topics including: creation of a strong password, avoiding phishing scams, protecting your email and IM, safe social networking practices, and protecting your computer.

You may access these videos in the Blackboard portal:
1.      Go to Villanova University’s Blackboard website.
2.      Log in using your University username and password.
3.      Click on IT Security Awareness Program under My Organization on the right-side of the page.
4.      On the IT Security Awareness Program page, you’ll find a brief overview, a Security Awareness Survey (optional) and an Introduction to Security Awareness Video. View the Security Awareness Video to unlock 10 Training Videos to increase your awareness of technology security.
5.      Should you choose to view more videos beyond the Basic Training, watching all 10 will open up more Advanced Training videos, covering topics such as cloud computing, Wi-Fi security, and data encryption.

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For information about computer & internet safety, identity theft protection, phishing protection, and other information security topics, please visit our Security 101 page.

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