Spectre and Meltdown Information

On January 3 2018, a great deal of attention has been drawn to several recently disclosed vulnerabilities known collectively as ‘Specter’ and ‘Meltdown’. In short, these vulnerabilities may allow attackers to access protected computing memory, putting private data at risk. The full scope of impact is quite large; this affects personal computers, servers, cloud environments and even mobile devices. UNIT’s IT Security response team has enabled an escalated remediation strategy to mitigate the vulnerabilities across potentially exposed platforms. More information on the exploit, can be found at https://meltdownattack.com/

What This Means

  • Vendors are issuing patches for this issue. Escalated updates will be applied as they are released and validated for UNIT managed systems.

  • Due to the severity of these vulnerabilities, UNIT will be running updates and patching outside of our normal maintenance windows for any effected server based systems.

  • For systems not managed by UNIT, please check with your appropriate vendors for guidance and available patches.

  • Please note that system running Symantec SEP Virus protection will need to be updated prior to applying the Microsoft patches.

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