As of Summer 2014 UNIT's TechZone no longer provides data recovery or back-up services. Students are encouraged to back-up their data on a regular basis and prior to bringing their laptop in for service.

Below is the outline of services offered to Undergraduate and Graduate students at UNIT's TechZone.  For additional information please feel free to chat with us or contact us at

Bring your own Computer/Villanova Purchase Program

Students who have purchased a laptop through a third party or Villanova Purchase Program are eligible for the following services:

  • Limited on-site software repairs
  • On-Site Hardware and Software assessment
  • Virus and Malware remediation
    • UNIT's TechZone consultants will perform standardized protocols for these scenarios.  Please note that this service is best effort and UNIT's TechZone recommends installing the following products as a precaution:
  • Guided OS reinstalls and installations
    • UNIT's TechZone is not responsible for any OS reinstalls however, a guide to reinstallation of the following operating systems can be found here:
      • OSX, Windows 8, Windows 7

*Students who have purchased a laptop through the Villanova Purchase program are entitled to on-site hardware support

Laptop Program

Students who have received a Villanova issued Laptop are elibible for the following services. 

  • Full On-site Software and Hardware repair
  • Loaner Program

TZ Info

UNIT's TechZone is your one stop shop for all of your software and hardware support.

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