Meet Our Staff

Elizabeth Williams '18
Student Intern
Provides support for the office and programs

VITAL Faculty Fellow for eLearning Pedagogy

Stefan Perun, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Public Administration

VITAL Faculty Associate

Valerie Joyce, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Theater

VITAL Faculty Advisory Committee Members


  • Verica Gajic, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering (sabbatical spring 2016)
  • Frank Hampton, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Nisha Kondrath, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering (sabbatical spring 2016)
  • Justinus Satrio, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Liberal Arts

  • Gerald Beyer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Theology and Religious Studies
  • Christa Bialka, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Education and Counseling
  • Karyn Hollis, Ph.D., Associate Professor, English
  • Katina Sawyer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Annika Thiem, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Philosophy
  • Amy Way, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Communication (sabbatical spring 2016)


  • Theresa Capriotti, DO MSN CRPN RN, Clinical Associate Professor


  • Jesse Frey, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences
  • Steven Goldsmith, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Geography and the Environment
  • Daniel Joyce, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Computing Sciences
  • Kevin Minbiole, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chemistry
  • Alain Phares, Ph.D., Professor, Physics
  • Dennis Wykoff, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Biology

Villanova School of Business

  • Aronte Bennett, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Marketing and Business Law
  • Cheryl Carleton, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Economics and Statistics
  • Denise Hanes Downey, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Accountancy
  • Nancy Heck, Instructor, Finance
  • Scott Newbert, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Management

Our Address

Vasey Hall, Room 106
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085
Phone: 610.519.5627

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